What they are saying

By Rhonda H. – 5 stars

Critical Care CCRN Certification Review

Love the format of this review compared to others, you get your question answered on the page directly following the question. You then move on to the next question. The questions are not divided into the areas of content but this is the only drawback.

By Gregg F. – 5 stars

Psychiatry Board Review is a great book which will help you to prepare for your psychiatry boards. It covers everything from autism to schizophrenia in great detail. It is well organized and easy to read. It is a very useful tool to pass your psychiatry boards. I give it a 5 star excellent rating.

By Yves V. – 4 stars

Neonatal and Perinatal Board Review

I will recommend this review to a colleague. Very good for some basic information lost in daily practice. I think this review will take into consideration the Neo review content of AAP.

By Devilynn - 5 stars

Emergency - CEN Certification Review 

Well put together with references and further study. They say do 100 questions a day before your test. I'll never run out!

By Iza 5 - stars

Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine Board Review 

Very useful before rheumatology specialization exam. It's up-to-date. After the questions you get the answer and the explanation, too.

By Rebecca R.

Breast Care Certification Review

Need to certify? This can help. Comprehensive and covers needed topics. Great review for all cancer nurses. Easy to read. Explanations very helpful and consistently written.

By JourneyMan

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Board Review

I'm a board certified Pediatric Infectious Diseases physician trying to prepare for recertification. I bought the product and this review is based on the whole thing. There is a need for a product like this, although the market is probably not very big.

1) Lots of questions

2) Links for some of the answers to get further info

3) Ability to flag problems and responsive authors, which will hopefully improve this over time

By Dr. William

Neurosurgery Board Review "A lot of Parkinson's and Epilepsy questions... I like the fact you can flag questions to authors."

Pediatric Nursing - CPN Certification Review "Having now passed the exam, I can say ... awesome format with links to articles."




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